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Donutz123 Owner posted Mon at 6:34


Hey there everyone! From the last week we have changed/added a whole bunch new awesome features to the server to make it more fun and enjoyable to play! Firstly, 2 of the gyms have been completed and now free to use! The way the gyms work is a player with a full team with lvl 100 (All same as gym type) will apply for gym leader application. If they get accepted they may challenge people to battle them and can win fun prices and rewards after! Secondly, we have added a few things such as Casino Slots, Poke Stops and Shop Npcs! Our server shop is almost done with a wide range of choices you can spend your poké dollars on and the unquiet Casino to gamble all your money all night long! Finally, about the amount of Confusion going on lately. I have made many decisions that I've decided to change and I apologise about the lack of knowledge. As you can see above I did change the gyms once again and there will be gym leader applications on the applications forum as soon as possible. Also there is no ecconomy drop so everything will stay the same and spawn rates have now been fixed. Also we will be going back to 1 tournament a week so he have less stress on staff and organisation and there will be no tournament this following because our team is planning a bigger event. We hope this Information was helpful, Poké World Team!

Welcome to Poke World

Donutz123 Owner posted May 11, 17

Hey everyone and welcome to Poke World!

We have been around for 6 weeks and

we now have a new website!

Remeber not to use the old website for anything ask all

new questions on the new forum and send your staff applications

on the new website.

Enjoy and have fun! Thanks, Donutz

PikaDarkFantin I have player on this server but now i can't join plz help me i love this server :(
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